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COVID-19 Updates

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We hope you are all staying safe as we deal with our new reality related to COVID-19. COVID-19 has changed our way of life for the foreseeable future. The HCF made the decision to temporarily stop all services and programs in the middle of March, not knowing how long this would continue.  We now know social distancing is going to continue for quite some time.

Effective April 3rd, practitioners who currently offer Healing Certificate services remotely over the phone/Zoom/or other social media platform will be able to start offering those services again.  We made this change for the benefit of our patients as we work to continue the mission of the HCF.

Here is the list of practitioners who can offer services remotely and the services they offer:
Karen Jayne – life coaching
Judy ViaCava – life coaching
Connie Cifelli – nutritional counseling
Chris Kalinich – nutritional counseling
Jodi Hutchinson – energy therapy
Jyoti Rawlinson – energy therapy
Kat Wolff – energy therapy
Sue Baughman – energy therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT) known as tapping
Lisa Rogers – emotional freedom technique (EFT) known as tapping

We will continue our Healing Certificate Purchase program and include the list of practitioners offering remote services.

Some of our programs will now be offered using Zoom. Please check the online registration page for more details.

We will post again when updates are made to any other classes and programs. You can contact us at 215 840-8630 with any questions.