Healing Consciousness Foundation

Lifestyle Modifications

In the area of lifestyle modification, we offer ongoing monthly programs, annual workshops, one-day and weekend retreats and run many support groups for over 800 men and women on an annual basis. The HCF plays an important role in empowering men and women to make better choices for their health and that of their families.

We know that Healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction or the lack thereof can either discourage or encourage the growth of cancer cells. They also can have a profound effect on quality of life, especially for people living with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Women and men diagnosed with Breast Cancer or known to be at high risk for developing breast cancer deserve to have access to the best medical care. But they also need to have ready access to peer support and healing services that empower them to heal themselves. In so doing they improve not only their own health and well-being, but that of their partners, spouses, and children.

Our vision is for all breast cancer patients in the entire nation to understand the essence of healing is within the individual. We want to champion establishing a shared collective approach to healing and improving the quality of life for those at high risk or diagnosed with breast cancer. Programs and services provided to breast cancer patients and their families that include access to integrative healing services will become the norm not the exception.

Connie Cifelli’s Story in her own words

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2008.   I was 47; a wife and mother of two very active teenage children.  I did not take time for myself.  I didn’t eat right or exercise.  I was overweight and stressed out.   I took my diagnosis, as a wake up call after my breast surgeon convinced me it was time to take care of myself.   I was so amazed by all of the programs and services offered through the Healing Consciousness Foundation.  I vowed to make healthy lifestyle changes as I had lost my own mother when she was 41.

I enrolled in two of the HCF programs, The Healthy Cooking for Life Class and the VMS Thrivers Exercise Program.  Through these healthy lifestyle programs I lost 70 pounds and never felt better.   I was on top of the world in 2010 as a strutted down the runway at the HCF Fashion Event in my hot little black dress.  I looked great and more importantly I felt amazing.   Two short months after the fashion event my world came tumbling down I was given the news of a second diagnosis.  I truly felt this diagnosis was my death sentence.  I quickly became consumed with fear from head to toe at every waking moment.

After the shock of this diagnosis I came to realize that I needed to heal not just my body but mind and soul as well.   Through the use of my Healing Certificates I began to see a Certified Reki Energy Healer. These sessions enabled me to find hope and retain a positive attitude during my second journey.

I also attended a Healing Retreat sponsored by the HCF.  The group work at the retreat helped me to face my fears.   I knew I had a lot of work to do but I wanted to live and not just exist.   After the retreat I participated in an extension program called Create Your Life.  It was during this yearlong program that I found my passion for empowering others of healthy lifestyles through nutrition and lifestyle changes.  I than designed a plan to move forward with my life.  With the encouragement and support of the HCF I received my certification in Health Coaching in 2013 from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I am now a HCF Practitioner mentoring others to heal and find wellness through healthy lifestyles.  I have designed and facilitate the Wellness Warrior Program and co-facilitate the Healthy Cooking for Life classes.

My second journey has brought me to a place of wellness, not just for my body, but for my mind and soul as well.  I have refocused my life; it is not about having cancer it is about being a Wellness Warrior.  I live life now with so much gratitude for the faith that carried me, my disease that awakened me, my doctors who cared for me, and the HCF Practitioners who empowered me to truly heal myself.  They will be forever in my heart.

“I live my life with gratitude for my doctors and the HCF Practitioners who empowered me to truly heal myself.” —Connie Cifelli