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VMS Thrivers Workout

VMS Movement Specialists, owner and two-time super bowl champion Vaughn Hebron, joined forces with the HCF to offer a workout class adapted specifically for breast cancer patients. Under the guidance of VMS fitness experts, breast cancer survivors become Thrivers as they work weekly to improve their physical stamina. Many Thrivers have reached such peak performance that they join Vaughn’s regular weekly classes. A cancer diagnosis can be a turning point in their life-for the better!

Here is a video of the VMS Thrivers Group in action.



VMS Movement Specialists
105 Terry Drive Suite 114
Newtown, PA 18940
The first 8 weeks are on us!

Please note: This class is for Breast Cancer “Thrivers” & Patients at High Risk for Breast Cancer.

Vaughn Hebron is currently CEO/President of VMS Movement Specialists, a Fitness Center and Personal training Studio located in Newtown, Pennsylvania. He is a world class athlete and two-time NFL Super bowl Champion. He was recently an analyst for Eagles Post Game Live on Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia which airs after every Philadelphia Eagles game. Vaughn leads the VMS Thrivers Workout.

Join Vaughn for this training to achieve your peak performance. To participate in this program, print the registration form VMS THRIVERS Program and follow the instructions on the form.  For details on participating in this workout program, contact the HCF Administrator for more information.